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Dr Doolittle, Is That Really You?

3rd November 3, 2004, Taipei, Taiwan

We’re not sure what this man was thinking when he tried his best Dr Doolittle impersonation out on the lions, but his audience didn’t appreciate it.

After jumping into an African lion’s enclosure at the Taipei Zoo, a 46 year old man shouted “Jesus Will Save You” at them. They obviously misunderstood what he was preaching in his attempts to convert them to Christianity.

He continued to calmly taunt them with shouts of “Come Bite Me”, a phrase they did understand. He was attacked by a male lion who tore his jacket away, knocked him onto a stone ridge and jumped at him, biting his arm and clawing at his legs. When the lion retreated, the man stood calmly in front of the two lions with his arms outstretched.

He sustained bites to his arms and legs but was able to remove himself from the enclosure on his own after the lions were driven away with water and tranquilised with darts. It is believed they were fed earlier in the day.


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